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How To Get More Of What You Want!

Many times it can be easy to focus on the negative things in your relationship. You may feel the need to have a conversation every time your partner does something that gets on your nerves. I want to encourage you to try a different approach. In this post we will keep it very simple and only advise one step. Praise what you want! Take the time and energy to find the good in the simple things your partner does and praise them for it.

Someone may be saying. "He/She doesn't do anything right!" I want to encourage you to see there is always something positive that you can appreciate. Even something as simple as them taking a bath and smelling good. "Honey I love it when you wear that after shave/ perfume! You smell so good, I'm so blessed to have you in my life!"

Focusing on what you don't want or condemning a behavior continues to make you a vibrational match to it, and it will continue to show up in your experience. Praise what you want, even if the partner is not doing it. Make affirmations of the positive behavior until it shows up in your experience. Align yourself with what you want through meditation.

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