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Courtney Jones began studying relationships during her childhood, having a desire to see families and couples thriving in her community. She started with spiritual principles and popular books, and then after experiencing her own trauma in relationships she decided to dive deeper into a Masters program at Lipscomb University. While studying she traveled to Ghana, Africa and participated in research and counseling children estranged from their biological families, sold into trafficking. Her collaborative research was submitted for publishing in 2015, the same year she graduated with a 4.0 from Lipscomb University with a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy.

Courtney has worked at the Lipscomb Family Therapy Center with young adults dealing with depression, anxiety and pre-marital counseling. She has also worked in crisis providing treatment for adolescents dealing with suicidal ideation. Courtney spent a year in private practice at the Babb Center and two years working with Catholic Charities; helping families in crisis dealing with homelessness, marriage conflicts, and behavioral challenges. She applies evidenced based research to help her clients reach positive change in their life.

Courtney follows a positive therapeutic stance, knowing that we were all created for connection and people were not meant to do life alone. 

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